André at SoundCloud

Hi there, ive been explored my old account at service and …. its full of trash like at my old youtube channel what i upgrading now and trying to give them a new life.  Now at souncloud i made a new playlists with music what i found there and liked it. If you have an any idea what i can upload to this service, feel free and text to me. Continue reading “André at SoundCloud”

Year overview 2016

Hi I know I am very late with this post I’m sorry for that.  There is my  year overview 2016.  this year is full of work sports, cycling, swimming, running, and traveling and yes I like that. For first time in this year overview i do not not write too much but in this post is many photos of this events what I like it in this year.

1-DSC038862-DSC039013-DSC039034-DSC039405-DSC040036-DSC040557-DSC041968-DSC043769-DSC0444510-DSC0448411-DSC0454912-DSC0468013-DSC0474614-DSC0482015-2016-06-11 03.50.3416-2016-06-21 19.19.4617-P113014318-2016-06-23 21.35.3619-2016-06-24 20.00.2320-2016-07-01 00.23.5921-2016-07-08 11.37.0722-2016-07-16 11.26.1223-2016-07-19 16.40.0424-2016-07-22 05.24.0425-2016-07-29 20.21.5726-P113020127-2016-08-16 10.42.5928-2016-08-17 17.53.2029-DSC0503730-2016-08-17 20.11.0331-2016-08-18 12.39.1832-2016-08-20 18.25.2033-2016-08-28 12.57.2534-DSC0566835-2016-09-02 17.57.1536-2016-09-03 21.53.3937-2016-09-10 18.43.4638-DSC0589739-2016-10-25 19.58.14-240-DSC0596141-DSC0631242-2016-12-01 02.25.5043-2016-12-03 17.31.5544-2016-12-14 22.08.3845-2016-12-16 12.03.5046-2016-12-31 18.38.3747-2016-12-31 20.48.52-1