Year 2015 look back

Like every year I want to write something what the last year gives me. when I started to sorting my photos by month I see something interesting in my life. that is I still at work without my private life. sometimes between my work I have some short trips on bike. this year I haven’t some big trip like last year but at work I was on honored . start of year started in the spirit of work In Brno where I ended last year . Very thanks to my friend moody because he takes me to the Hitch hiking trip and I like it. and unfortunately at the bike haven’t so much successful and the rode only 2500 km that’s not too much and it’s seen on my body.I tried to ride my bike every Month but I’m not ride my bike for more than 2 months because I have an accident on bike and I was scared of bike. but I started to swim and I like it I swim more than 10 kilometers and started to run and run more than 50 km. in the end of the year I started to geocaching and found few geocaches. 2 times I’m broke my iPhone and i bought my new Huawei p8. in Prague I celebrated 3 years of living there. but it’s my blog I have some rests and i have three articles writing in draft. I hope next year was better than this.

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