Lidl Crivit mini bicycle pump in Czechia

Today, International market chain Lidl has launched in Czech republic week of Bicycle accessories. One part of that is mini bicycle pump selling by 99CZK only (about 4EUR) how is it?

Because i looking for pump for long time i decided to buy one. This pump is compatible with most popular valves like American valve (used for MTB or cars) Dunlop valve (used for road bikes) and Presta valve. Whole pump is made from sturdy, lightweight aluminium with weight approx. 103g. To use this pump you need a hose to fit your valve what is stored inside pump secured by screws. All holes of pump is covered by silicone caps avoid to contamination of dust from your rides. Maximum rated pressure is 8.3 bar and displacement is 36 ml. To fill your tire (26″) you need to pump it about 80 times but its comfy to use it. Overall satisfaction is very good and for this price its excellent product with 3 year of warranty. Only one thing is negative. Its about housing where is included special screws what not fits to normal MTB with hex screws. If you have not yours, you have a problem. Its can be solved easily if you put plastic holder under bidon holder on your frame. You can buy it in any store in Czech republic with EAN 4032611243640 or via their e-shop.

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