Instant from my trip to London

26.03.2019 20:35

Hi there, it’s long time ago when I wrote something but now it’s happening some interesting for me. Now it’s 26 of March and I started my trip to London. For 1st time in my life to UK and after many years by aircraft. Yes I shooting a vlog but it’s take some time to edit it and upload. Now I want to test live writing this blog post during my trip.

1st photo it’s from Česká Třebová train station 🚆

André at SoundCloud

Hi there, ive been explored my old account at service and …. its full of trash like at my old youtube channel what i upgrading now and trying to give them a new life.  Now at souncloud i made a new playlists with music what i found there and liked it. If you have an any idea what i can upload to this service, feel free and text to me. Continue reading “André at SoundCloud”