My year of 2017 in photos overview


Starting new year and waiting what new comes to me. New year spend at Prague Castel at Starbucks. Rest of month is full of work, sport like running and swimming and i ordered new notebook

Lenovo ThinkPad X201.

2017-01-01 00.35.072017-01-03 11.07.042017-01-03 22.29.042017-01-07 17.14.502017-01-14 06.00.212017-01-16 23.20.022017-01-26 10.45.57


Second month of the year was about sweet thing, sport and work again, full of latte art and morning coffees. Started to geocaching again and new swim techniques.

2017-02-03 21.56.452017-02-04 13.57.142017-02-05 20.40.172017-02-06 21.12.472017-02-12 12.51.50-12017-02-19 19.18.222017-02-25 20.46.232017-02-27 05.48.13DSC08489


March is about traveling to my family, geocaching a warming weather. Its nice to me because i love it, started to cycling longest routes and enjoyed so much.

2017-03-03 16.35.512017-03-03 19.34.442017-03-05 12.56.182017-03-07 15.03.392017-03-30 22.00.012017-03-31 18.13.45DSC07674P1130443P1130447P1130464


In April my home airport is celebrating 80 years and a enjoying every last day in my work. Morning coffees, experiments with green tea and security problems at airport. If i trying to make everything perfect clean its way how to mess everything more than usual. End of year enjoying unofficially traditional beneficial market and for last time i doing spoke man by Starbucks

2017-04-06 13.46.332017-04-06 19.41.012017-04-09 19.07.302017-04-10 05.50.462017-04-13 09.19.18IMG_20170429_112452DSC07932DSC07939IMG_20170416_161220IMG_20170421_143527


Last days in my long time work at Starbucks Prague international airport of Vaclav Havel. Enjoying with my favorite partners and best customers. Everything doing for last time like last warehouse supply. Last thing what i do for Starbucks after my contract was participating for local community of foster child’s and child’s in need. Now its time to pack everything.

2017-05-09 16.33.402017-05-07 10.03.102017-05-18 15.07.092017-05-22 23.31.54P1130739P1140137P1140139P1140151Snapseed(4)SnapseedSnapseed(16)


Jun is way to pack every thing in my Prague flat and move to my family back to mountains. Enjoying my nephew, cycling in my favorite places and made some accident on inline skates and broke my knee, i can not cycle for more than 2 weeks.

2017-06-01 18.30.092017-06-01 18.43.202017-06-03 14.51.592017-06-04 21.31.262017-06-13 16.31.572017-06-18 14.28.40DSC08608P1140204P1140210P1140249P1140262P1140274P1140325P1140346


July is full of traveling, geocaching with my nephew. Surfing in Prague and after many years met some most important person for me at train station and enjoyed our ride to Pardubice. 1st camping with my nephew at our garden. Cycling, Cycling, new cycle parts, some parts has broken and repaired and cycling again.

2017-07-02 19.54.382017-07-05 13.21.092017-07-11 14.49.132017-07-15 19.13.512017-07-19 09.41.012017-07-22 12.01.292017-07-22 15.47.162017-07-22 20.38.052017-07-30 20.01.492017-07-31 08.15.14P1140376P1140378P1140408P1140469P1140479P1140572P1140577P1140583P1140622P1140690P1140695P1140718P1140720P1140726P1140752P1140763P1140790P1140825P1140830P1140890P1140894


All in august is about cycling, i love it. One night i found big LCD TV behind the garbage, its broken but repair is very easy and cheap for me. Now i have TV what i want.

2017-08-05 16.46.512017-08-23 17.49.492017-08-24 23.25.392017-08-30 10.09.192017-08-27 03.02.07P1150029P1150035P1150076


September is about traveling to to the woods, i was at Kokokrinsko, Prague and Brno for more than week.

2017-09-03 11.03.542017-09-02 20.13.032017-09-01 17.42.512017-09-03 11.00.252017-09-05 06.32.332017-09-06 06.32.032017-09-06 20.46.482017-09-09 01.36.322017-09-09 05.51.03DSC092702017-09-07 17.53.16DSC09286P1150998P1160001P1160072P1160074P1160083P1160119


Last month of summer easy cycling, weather is become too cold. I visited opening of Starbucks store in one of my favorite city in Hradec Kralove.

2017-10-09 16.48.012017-10-09 17.12.152017-10-27 09.02.07-22017-10-27 18.33.06DSC09372DSC09388P1160151P1160158P1160163P1160166P1160177


Cycling in the cold weather, 1st snow.

2017-11-05 21.24.382017-11-06 16.44.592017-11-21 17.29.23-12017-11-24 16.44.23DSC09425DSC09551P1160179P1160208P1160222


Slow things in December, little bit of cycling, finally replaced battery in my iPhone and trips to Hradec Králové, Pardubice and Chrudim.

2017-12-12 16.57.002017-12-24 21.57.36-12017-12-29 13.38.53DSC09633DSC09786P1160229

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