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I know i know, so for long time i don`t write anything and many articles is growing in my head but i have not so much time for that. Last months i working on new project for nongovernmental organization and making their new web page. Building this page on WordPress and for 1st time i used a new Gutenberg editor. I loved it. Its simple, fast, nice but still lot of things what was at old editor is not implemented in it. This page is going to be finalized soon as possible and i decided to upgrade my WordPress at my blog. WordPress 5.0 is coming with new Gutenberg as default editor and new theme Twenty Nineteen. Lets take a quick look what i see at in this updates.

Twenty Ninteen

Officially 1st WordPress template build for blocks [editing system] but for me its not so much good, why? 

  • It`s white. I using a black theme and for my posts is white theme not to much good and i dont like to much editing CSS to make it black again
  • One culomn only. At my block i using form the beggening two culomns themes, 1st main for articles and 2nd for menu and info. I never seen gutenberg theme with two culoms and i dont konw how to make it. 

That`s my reasons to not use this theme and continue using a Twenty Seventeen. But with Gutenberg blocks i must to edit this theme to better look, i` resized main wrapper of my content and make smaller a right menu to make content and photos to look better.

After updating i still have problem with images and build in gallery and working on it. 

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